Meet The Author

Raised in a small town in west-central Minnesota, Pearl Haining fell in love with traditional American values and simple living at an early age. She appreciates the value of things commonly referred to as "old fashioned", such as loyalty, respect, kindness, and grammatically correct sentence structure.

After a childhood illness left Pearl partially disabled, she began playing harmonica as a form of therapy. Harmonica eventually became her profession as she, and her three, multi-instrumentalist siblings, formed a band and began performing with their parents throughout Minnesota. The Haining Family has since traveled coast-to-coast performing throughout the United States. In 2011, Pearl and her family relocated to Branson, Missouri.

Learning to live with physical handicaps has taught Pearl the importance of not taking life for granted, and finding joy in simple pleasures. Her hobbies include: reading, writing, drinking coffee, fishing, drinking coffee, making and/or enjoying great music, and drinking coffee.  


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