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Can't You See America?

I drove under a clear blue sky, across the desert, through the mountains, and into a beautiful valley. I saw the other cars hurrying along the highway to their destinations with nothing holding them back. Throughout the drive I heard no gunshots, I felt no explosions, I saw no threat.
I saw America.

I saw a sea of people gathered in one place, watching a football get kicked, thrown, caught, and dropped. This sea of people could safely gather in mass, and the only enemy in their view was when the opposing team had possession of the football. The sea was divided as two sides took turns cheering for the possessor of the football, and yet they were united in their love of football itself. Throughout the duration of the game, and even at the conclusion, I saw no heated or hateful protests. I saw no acts of terrorism or violence.
I saw America.

I stood on a stage and I saw a crowd of people in front of me. I sang, they, clapped, we all smiled. I saw a little girl experience the joy o…

Two Words That Girls Really Need Guys To Know

Dear Mr. Right,
There are two words you need to know. You probably won't find them on a piece of candy, and you won't hear them said very often, but these two tiny words will make a big difference in our relationship.

I've heard a rumor going around that says the two most important words a guy needs to know are "Yes, Dear". I'd like to contradict that if you don't mind. If I ask you a question and the answer is affirmative, then those words might be pleasant and helpful, but beyond that they have little relevance to our relationship. The two words you really need to know are not "Yes, Dear", they are "I Do". If you and I understandthe meaning of thewords "I Do", then the words "Yes, Dear" can be nearly altogether forgotten. Let me try to explain.

My statement "I Do" is a commitment from me to you, wherein I am committing on my wedding day to love and respect you as my husband from that day forward. This com…

Why Is Growing Up So Hard? Overcoming the Struggle of "Adulting"

In recent years, millennials have developed a fondness for creating words by abbreviating, lengthening, or otherwise distorting existing words. This legit lingo is on fleek tho, and selfies be like totes adorbz. I mean adulting is cray cray and rents don't get that we're for reelz, but yolo so whatevs.

Yeah, it gets weird sometimes, but we still manage to communicate. However, one of these modern words is becoming increasingly popular so I think it deserves special consideration. Here goes!

Adulting. That word may sound self-explanatory to some and foreign to others, but it's a very complex phrase to properly define. Adulting is more than simply "being an adult", in fact, there's nothing simple about it! Adulting generally includes a combination of anxiety and a lack of self confidence, both caused by a lack of experience with, or a fear of, "adult" responsibilities. This is the general mood of a vast part of my generation. From cartoons to video gam…