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Why Is Growing Up So Hard? Your Worth Isn't Measured by Your Height

"You're growing up to be... so big, so smart, so cute, so much like any number of relatives...", and the list goes on. The phrase "growing up" has been thrust upon me since before I could talk. It was usually based on different adults' varying expectations of me, but it was never really explained.

I'm Too Little
Does the phrase "growing up" imply that wisdom or talent is acquired with height? I certainly hope not because if it does, I'm an idiot! Folks, I'm short. Period. In our current residence I can reach the bathroom faucet, but I have to stand on tiptoe to see my forehead in the mirror; at our house in Branson it's the other way around. My Grandma said I drank too much coffee (impossible) and it stunted my growth. If she's right - it was worth it! However, I don't think my height affects my intellect.

Well, if growing up isn't measured by height, then does it mean growing beyond our childish imaginations? Again, I ho…

My Birthday Was Hijacked

Disney shadowed me for years before creating the show "Liv & Maddie". Alright, maybe not, but they could not have more accurately portrayed my relationship with my twin sister. Congrats to Dove Cameron on that - both of you!

For as long as I can remember, my twin sister and I have had only two things in common: our birthday, and our last name. (Although this year that increased to three because we also shared a sinus cold.) Besides that, our tastes tend to differ dramatically in food, music, and hobbies. This makes it difficult to agree on a plan of mutual celebration for our shared birthday.

This year we discussed it once again at length. Because of our family's avid zeal for sports, we decided to enjoy some friendly, athletic competition at none other than, you guessed it: Chuck E. Cheese's! Well, since we both woke up sick, we decided to cancel that plan (at least temporarily) and stay home with our tissues, coffee, and peppermint tea.

Instead of raucous celebrat…

There's No Place Like Home - Or Is There?

It's the subject of countless songs - Home For the Holidays, Home On the Range, Home Sweet Home. Yes, I know that's only three but believe me there are more. I could probably write a whole post with such song titles but I won't, instead please let me share my Pearlspective on the meaning of "Home".

Home is a special place.

To many people it may signify a familiar place, the love of family, and many wonderful memories. To me it signifies a safe place, a place to rest, and a place to spend time with my friends. I have known many homes in my lifetime and the number continues to grow as we travel.

I grew up in Minnesota and I have fond memories of my home there (yes, even in winter), but it is no longer my home. For almost six years I have had a home in Branson, but in those six years that home has changed at least six times. Oddly enough, I actually spend very little concentrated time at my home.

Home is where my reindeer is.

Yes, reindeer.I have a friendly reindeer that…

Finding Your Dream Team in 2017

A Team Is a Family
Have you ever been on a team? If you answered no, you're probably wrong. In my Pearlspective, everyone has a team! There are several different types of teams to consider, such as sports teams, business teams, musical teams, perhaps even you and your relatives. A team is simply a group of individuals working together to accomplish a common goal.

Good teamwork produces good results, but in the process of working together you can form an almost indescribable bond - a bond of shared failures, successes, sorrows, and joys. Through it all you share a sense of pride to know that you are a part of that team and their endeavors, and as you witness each new achievement you proudly exclaim: "That's my team!!"

Now add music!
Last week, I had the opportunity to watch the season finale of Silver Dollar City's musical production of "It's A Wonderful Life". It's a show I've seen several times because I live nearby, but it was an incredible th…