Can't You See America?

I drove under a clear blue sky, across the desert, through the mountains, and into a beautiful valley. I saw the other cars hurrying along the highway to their destinations with nothing holding them back. Throughout the drive I heard no gunshots, I felt no explosions, I saw no threat.
I saw America.
Image by Aaron Burden via Unsplash

I saw a sea of people gathered in one place, watching a football get kicked, thrown, caught, and dropped. This sea of people could safely gather in mass, and the only enemy in their view was when the opposing team had possession of the football. The sea was divided as two sides took turns cheering for the possessor of the football, and yet they were united in their love of football itself. Throughout the duration of the game, and even at the conclusion, I saw no heated or hateful protests. I saw no acts of terrorism or violence.
I saw America.

I stood on a stage and I saw a crowd of people in front of me. I sang, they, clapped, we all smiled. I saw a little girl experience the joy of music, and her face beamed happily as she sang to the blue toy dragon she held in her arms. I saw the girl come tell me how much she loves music and wants to be a yodeler, and she proudly introduced me to the dragon she called "Stuffy". I saw her smile innocently, with no trace of fear or worry because she was safe and happy.
I saw America.
Image by Wayne Dery via Unsplash

I see you, America! I see you in every library and school where knowledge is available for your citizens. I see you in every house where your citizens find shelter and warmth. I see you in every church where your citizens can gather safely, without fear of harm from those who oppose their beliefs. I see you every day, on every street, on every playground.

Look America! Look around! Can't you see yourself, America? Can't you see how blessed you are? Can't you see how you have freedom, and safety, and hope? Can't you see all the opportunities you have to work, to play, to live? Can't you see all the reasons you have to smile, to love, to give?
Try to see, America, please try!
Image by Chandra Maharzan via Unsplash
I see you, America, in every flourishing field and majestic mountain, stalwart city and familiar town, in every smile of every American citizen and visitor. You are my country. You are my home. You are my friend! I see you, America, and I love you!


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