Going Back To Tomorrow

It seems like everyone has a label these days: liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Christian, agnostic, atheist, feminist, racist, activist, and several others. These are all very common labels, but they represent very different ideas and none of them are neutral.

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Unfortunately, these labels have recently taken center stage by replacing some others that used to be considered important and even celebrated. Labels such as American, neighbor, citizen, family, and helper used to be very common and they were often considered equal with the greatest label of all: Friend.

What changed?!  Folks, I'm only in my early twenties but even I can remember a time when it was more important to take care of people than politics! Yes, I understand that politics are important but WHY would anyone who wears the label of "American" harm or kill another person with the same label, just because of differing political viewpoints???

Have we really forgotten what it means to be American?! It means that we, you and I, live in a country where we actually have the freedom to voice our opinions and personally influence our government and society! Now regardless of what side of the political fence you're on, you may never be perfectly satisfied with the political situation, but you still have the freedom to change it - Peaceably!

Don't we remember how many men and women have given their lives to protect that freedom? Why then would any American attempt to take the lives of other Americans, thereby denying their right to exercise the freedom of political choice? THIS IS NOT PROGRESS.

Perhaps in order to truly progress as a nation we must first go back. Back to a time when we could have a difference of opinion without being enemies. Back when it was just as important to be respectful as it was to be right. Back when it was more important to be kind than to convince.

Image by Jordan Whitt via Unsplash
Back to a time when America was a family and we protected each other, whether or not we agreed on everything. Back when it was important to love our neighbors as ourselves. Back when Jesus' words "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" were not just quoted, but practiced. Back to a time when Friend was the most important thing an American could be or possess.

Maybe that's how it was back when I was a kid, or maybe it's never really been that way at all. At any rate, that's how I remember it from when I was a kid and I wanna go back there. Let's go back there today so that tomorrow can be better than yesterday. Will you come with me? Will you invite your friends to come with too? Please?


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